High End 12-month coaching partnership – the highest goal we dare reach for

I will double or even triple your income or we will achieve a jointly set goal,

or you will receive further help from me until this happens….

The BLACK DIAMOND High End coaching partnership is a 12-month private collaboration on reaching your highest goals. This is not work in a group; it is a personal partnership with me directly, in close connection and with active collaboration.

This concerns a joint interest within the terms of your personal and professional goals. If you are truly prepared to take your life to the next expanded level, then I look forward to meeting you. 

Vladimír Ekart – author, coach and leader


  • A 12-month partnership within the terms of private coaching with myself. (two 3-hour sessions every month over a period of 12 months (personal meetings, telephone or Zoom depending on your preference and arrangements)).

  • VIP ticket to all my workshops and events during the partnership, free of charge

  • Three full-day or one 3-day work time, anywhere on the planet (the client covers travel expenses outside the Czech Republic)

  • Course fees for all our current workshops abroad (Sri Lanka, Bali, Japan, Nepal….) free of charge (apart from travel and accommodation)

  • FreePersonal Reconnection process within the terms of the partnership

  • Personal – exclusive approach in the field of coaching and leadership, towards the goal we have set

  • Complete collection of all on-line products free of charge

  • During our partnership, you can call me or write to me anytime you need support or motivation

  • 12-month access to the online FB group focusing on coaching and completion of matters. (sharing, videos, live broadcasts, collaboration)


Jednorázová roční platba 420 000,- Kč včetně DPH 



14x měsíční platba 35 000,- Kč včetně DPH 


Doubling, or even tripling your annual income is not a goal that can be easily overlooked. For me this means maximum fulfilment and a challenge in a field that is my absolute passion – coaching, leadership and mentoring.

Working on massively developing our potential is my passion.

I myself have extensive experience in the field of business, development and leadership of people and projects.

I only learn from the best. 

The people I work with, and learn from, are world leaders in the field of coaching, leadership and investment.

A 12-month partnership on this level is a certain type of close relationship that will allow us to go in-depth into specific areas of your life and find out what is important to change and transform, in order to give your life a greater and more meaningful dimension.

Being successful is about not only achieving, but also living a fulfilled and balanced life.

Together we will create conditions for dynamic progress in your life to places you have not yet been, and where it is evident that extensive growth is being generated by means of specific massive actions.

Using the experience of people who are the best in their fields will allow us to compress decades into weeks and months of learning.

This is exactly how I learn. 

I have undergone training and instruction from the best people in the field on this planet, and I have learnt from them what they in turn learnt from working with the best.

I pass all this experience on, and you will receive it during our Black Diamond partnership.

I am a member of a small team with Dr. Eric Pearl and I am currently learning from Tony Robbins himself – one of the most prestigious coaches on the planet. 

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