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This is me..



My name is Vladimír Ekart and I love life. I became interested in how to live my life and be satisfied with what I have when I was 19. I investigated and discovered how to use our potential and sought ways to progress. It was not always easy but I enjoyed it. 

I do what I really enjoy

I now do things I truly enjoy.

We hold experience workshops in Sri Lanka, Bali, Nepal and other countries. I present lectures on various topics. I hold personal and group sessions with people. I write blogs, interviews and books.

When I encountered Reconnection

I encountered Dr. Eric Pearl and the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing methods in 2011. I soon became a practitioner, mentor and instructor of this method. I opened the biggest Reconnective Centre in the world in cooperation with other practitioners, and we hold many events for the public here.

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We develop programs for our own growth and the growth of others

Along with the team of instructors on our courses, I am currently preparing more events and workshops to help people find out what they truly want to do in life and integrate this into their everyday reality. We create events that are based on life and about life. We combine work on ourselves with travel, discovery and entertainment. We often reach our limits and experience our boundaries in a place where we can see them and move past them.

My important experiences

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Buddhism and Zen Buddhism were an important foundation for me when I was around 19.


I have been interested in quantum physics, neuroscience and modern neurological research and how to use our brain more effectively for many years. 


I have been using the Results coaching method for over 15 years. 

studied intensively for 12 months with Dr. Joe Vital and his team in the USA. 

For over 8 years I have been a mentor and part of the International teaching team in the Reconnective Healing method of Dr. Eric Pearl

Since beginning of 2019 Im met Tony Robbins in his Unleash The Power Within in London.

Im part of KBB community with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

And Im part of CORE100 – the most prestigious coaching certification byTony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Magali and Mark Peysha.

Putting everything we learn into practice has always been very important to me. 

We live our dreams...

All these things help not only me, but also my family and friends, to live a fulfilled and satisfied life.

This creates and expands a community of people who jointly and individually share important values and transfer their dreams and goals into their everyday reality.

It would make me very happy if you enjoy the things we do; they also help you improve your lives and create your own Dream Life. 


... everything is possible – only we ourselves create boundaries…

When a Tibetan Lama was asked how it was possible that he had crossed the Himalayas in winter by foot on his own, he answered, “I put my left foot in front of my right foot and my right foot in front of my left. And I repeated this again and again until I came to the other side …"

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