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Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection


I have been interested in how to utilise and develop my own potential since I was 19 years old, but I never thought I would be active in healing or anything related to it. 

In 2011, I saw a video with Dr. Eric Pearl on ČT 1 (Czech Television). I was captivated by the absolute simplicity and modern concept of this method. 

I purchased Dr. Pearl’s book and attended a seminar in Salzburg six months later. 

A year later, I became amentor method and part of the international teaching team.

2 years later in 2018 with 20 other practitioners built and opened the biggest Reconnective Centre in the world and I was promoting the ONE Experience – Reconnective Healing Training programs in Prague. 


If you asked me how I did this, my response would be absolutely simple: I don’t know – this is the way this method develops the lives of people who simply touch it or pass it…:)

It restores the original balance to us and our lives and naturally develops our always-present potential. 

We work with our clients using two ways: Reconnective Healing and thePersonal Reconnection

More information here: 

My clients in Reconnective Healing or Personal Reconnection include Dr. Eric Pearl himself, Karel Gott, and many other famous figures who I personally respect and enjoy what they do. 


You can make an appointment for Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection by calling +420 777 702 313 or  e-mailing to:

Reconnective Healing session can be done in Person or in Distance

Reconnective Healing session with me: 175 EUR

Personal Reconnection can be done only in Person

Personal Reconnection done in 2 sessions: 333 EUR

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