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Next Level Podcast station

Get insights and inspiration for your Next Level on our Podcast station

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Next Level Podcast
Get most of our cooperation with my dear friend and colleague Lukas Tobler 

Lukas is my friend for many years. We met through out our cooperation in international teaching team of The Reconnection.
We met first time in 2013 in Ljubljana and since that time we share our ideas and insights. 

Lukas is great soul with lot's of enthusiasm and life power. 

He is very good life coach from Switzerland and we feel lot of synchronicity in our cooperation. 

By the end of 2019 we have got feeling that is time to move our cooperation forward. We started to develop project we call "Next Level". 

It is something that will come out soon and will be really life changing experience. 

Because we share lot of ideas and inspiration together between each other, we came up with an idea to have our own Podcast station. 

Place where we can share with people not only our ideas and inspirations but also practical tools for upgrading our life on to how we love to say: Next Level. 

You can enjoy our cooperation here: Go to Podcasts 

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