What is Personal Reconnection?

The Reconnection is an evolutionary process that restores our state of natural harmony, health and balance in all areas. Many people experience permanent changes on many levels after Reconnection.

Reconnection is connection with the frequencies that are always present in the space around us. Basically anyone can tune into them. As soon as our body feels these frequencies it will remember that it knows this level of harmony and health and will begin to return to this state of natural harmony.

In some people this is expressed as healing from a problem on a physical level; others repair their relationships with their parents after many years, or begin a new job in a profession they always wanted to be in. Some people calm down in general and expand their perception in all areas, and for others this method causes changes in their whole life. 

The Reconnection is about returning to yourself. This process is different and individual for everyone.

It is carried out once in your lifetime and does not have to be repeated. During the Reconnection process the energy paths in our body are connected to the energy paths present in the space around us, because everything is energy. This results in reconnection and unification once again. Reconnection has an effect on the physical, psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

It results in changes to our DNA structure and cells in our body, which can be proven by scientific measurements. Laboratory measurements have found that an enormous amount of physical light, along with a broad spectrum of energy and information in harmonic form, flow into our body during the effects of Reconnective frequencies on our body.

  • Reconnection slows and stops the aging process in our physical body.

  • It considerably calms and reorganises our lives in the direction of harmony.

  • Satisfaction and effectiveness are increased.

  • Relations with relatives and people around you improve and harmonise in general after The Reconnection.

  • The Reconnection lowers the level of internal stress, restores balance and health to the body and increases our body’s energy.

After The Reconnection we are permanently and complexly connected. All aspects of our lives are harmonised. This is also connected to specific disintegration of some old things and patterns in our lives. Non-functional patterns in our energy-information system are deleted and healing occurs on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Many people experience enormous changes in their lives in the direction of harmonisation and increased awareness.

People often describe this as increased life energy, internal certainty and a clear intuitive inclination towards things that we basically always wanted to do.

Reconnection is also a very interesting process from the aspect of the 2-day experience that takes place, which everyone experiences individually. What happens afterward is crucial.

The entire process takes place over two sessions. On the first day the session takes approx. 30 – 40 minutes and on the second day approx. 35 – 45 minutes. The process must be completed within 3 nights.

The price is also important. The price includes the frequency 333; the sum of these numbers is 9, which is a number that means a completed process.

In our country we convert the price from EUR 333, which is currently CZK 8 400.

This price must be paid in order to adhere to the exchange-of-values principle (Fair Money Exchange), and in order for the process to also depict harmony in this area.

You can see a video with people who have undergone The Reconnection process here:

Personal Reconnection sessions are done only in our Prague Office

For more information or an appointment please email: office@vladimirekart.com

What is Reconnective Healing? 

Reconnective Healing is a method created by Dr. Eric Pearl. It is an effective way to connect to a wide range of frequencies that contain high-quality energy, information and light, and it achieves very interesting results.

This method is often linked to the newest findings in quantum physics and other modern research. By tuning into these healing frequencies you can achieve great changes in your life. This connection harmonises the entire body and connects it to the original level of health and balance.

Reconnective Healing is a restoration of the original state of harmony and health. It affects the cause, thereby removing the consequences. It fine-tunes our body on the level of the basic frequency of health and corrects errors in our body’s and mind’s energy-information system. In other words, it deletes from the system the original error that is the cause of an imbalance in the body, and thus heals on a mental, emotional and physical level. It is a return to yourself on the deepest level.

Connection to this frequency is very intensive and many people have deep and individual experiences during the process.

The session lasts 30 minutes and is a touch-free method.

My price for one session is 160 EUR.

1 – 4 sessions are usually held over the course of one week to ten days. This is the optimum procedure – which means that most people worldwide perceived the greatest impact of the frequencies on their lives at this rate of sessions. 

However, the process is highly individual. If a client decides that he feels good after the first or second session and that this is enough, then that is OK.

This is not a long-term course of treatment during which you will have to undergo sessions for six months, while spending your money. As in classic medicine, we are not capable of 100% guaranteeing the expected result for everyone, and we do not promise our clients results.

 Some changes come in the manner we expected, but sometimes they come in a manner we could not have imagined, and matters that we never considered as related with the specific issue are resolved.

You can make an appointment for Reconnective healing and the complete Personal Reconnection process with me.

You can book in person or distance Healing session

In Person session are done only in our Prague Office

For more information or an appointment please email: office@vladimirekart.com