Beautiful Sri Lanka

Discover your dreams and make them come true in March on Sri Lanka.

I love to invite you on a wonderful 13-day workshop on the tropical island of Sri Lanka from 4 to 18 March 2021.


The course has a unique concept and has helped many people, including me personally, find out how they want to live, and particularly how to apply this principle in their everyday lives.


We will experience the “Discover your dreams and make them come true” course in beautiful surroundings on the tropical island of Sri Lanka.

All the pictures are from the venue at which the course is held and are authentic.


The course is an excellent opportunity to clarify what is important in your life and the direction you would like your life to go in.

But this is only the beginning.

We will also discuss how to realise all your dreams in your everyday reality.

We will discuss what is holding us back from making sure that what we want to do is part of our lives.

We will examine our own life goals and convictions, victim mentality, comfort zones, fear, art, conscious creation, relaxation and acquiring the necessary ability to configure things in our everyday lives so that this leads to a life we will LOVE….

This course has helped me a lot, particularly to find out what I want to do and overcome the obstacles that were preventing me from living like this.

The course has also helped a lot of people who have taken it in various forms: live, on-line or by reading the book I wrote on this topic.

I would personally like to invite you to take part in a wonderful summer course at the beginning of March in beautiful surrounding on a tropical island, where you will go back to a time when a lot of things were possible. You will take this ability with you when you return to your everyday life.

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During this 13-day coaching holiday we will discover, create, overcome limits and relax together.

We have arranged morning yoga for you on a beautiful white beach, swimming in the Indian ocean, and for interested clients an elephant safari, whale watching on the open sea, a trip to a tropical rainforest, barbequing and other similar activities you will remember forever…..

In the words of some participants:

This entire trip (including the outings, the sea, the people I met, etc.) was unbelievable and I am grateful that I was able to experience it. I am also grateful to myself for every step I take. It is a little like meditating while walking.

Thanks once again, you helped me more than you can possibly realise.


My entire stay on Sri Lanka was beautiful and left me with an indelible, gratifying feeling. The nature and the people and, of course, the OCEAN.

I am grateful that I was able to attend the course on Sri Lanka. Here, in an exotic country, there is a very powerful charge and I heartily recommend it to everyone. I look forward to returning to Sri Lanka once more.

And finally I would like to thank you Vlaďo for your work and your personal approach.


Vláďo, a thousand thanks once again for thegreat, deep, conscious, fun holiday on Sri Lanka, which we enjoyed every second of. It provided a great depth of perception and the chance to get to know ourselves and our undiscovered feelings. We look forward to meeting again.

Ali and Josef

Accommodation and catering is arranged at a resort where we have either rooms or bungalows in a tropical garden, full of coconut palms and banana trees, with hammocks available.

The entire course is organised by myself personally (Vladimír Ekart)

Watch a short video – an invitation from Sri Lanka

We will arrange:

  • plane tickets – we will fly with Emirates (very comfortable)

  • accommodation – we have either nice spacious rooms or entire bungalows available. Always for 2 people.

  • food – your choice. The cuisine at the resort is very diverse. You can order fish and seafood, meat, vegetarian meals, fruit from Sri Lanka (which is very different from the fruit we have here) or even pizza.

  • swimming – there is a beautiful beach approx. 5 minutes from the accommodation. There is another beautiful beach approx. 10 minutes from the accommodation. Both places are very quiet.

  • outings – there is the option of an elephant safari to see wild animals, whale watching on the open sea, an outing to a tropical rainforest, and other activities…. We have also arranged the option of a fish and seafood barbeque (crabs, lobsters, shrimp...)

  • training venue – we have a separate, quiet training venue available or we can go to the beach or similar.

  • course and free time – the course will be held every day with various thematic exercises and games; we will also have free time to relax or go to the beach or swim in the ocean, or do yoga on the beach in the morning, meditate in the evening and take part in relaxation blocks and many other activities.

What the course will provide you with:

  • We will find out what we really enjoy in life and what fulfils us

  • We will examine various areas of our consciousness and sub-consciousness that may possibly be holding us back

  • We will learn to work with victim mentality, overcome our comfort zone, and work with fear

  • We will examine our everyday reality and how to work with it differently

  • We will learn to consciously create

  • We will learn how to gain inner peace using various techniques and exercises

  • We will learn to configure and determine specific steps for application of all these things in our lives

  • You will be able to relax perfectly and rest in the surroundings of a tropical island.





  • The price of the 13-day course is EUR 999,-

  • Plane ticket price: EUR 700 (depends on when they are ordered and where do you fly from)

  • Price of accommodation with breakfast: EUR 350 bungalow or EUR 270 spacious rooms with a view

  • There is a large swimming pool at the resort

  • Meals in addition to breakfast: EUR 100 - 150 depending on what and how much you eat and drink

  • Transport to and from the airport on Sri Lanka: EUR 40

  • Visa: USD 45 


Total price: EUR 2.200 (the final price may differ slightly depending on the dollar exchange rate and the price of plane tickets).


Participants can register while places are available.

The number of places is LIMITED!


After registering, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of EUR 999.


We will be paying approx. EUR 700 for the plane tickets in October.

The remainder of the amount will be paid in March on Sri Lanka.


Interested parties will receive more information about organisation and payments by e-mail.

We look forward to an interesting 13 days together while discovering and opening up our potential.

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