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Life Coaching

 and Mentoring

Strategic Intervention Coaching

Tony Robbins and Core100

Why I do what I do

  • I have always known that we have enormous potential and that we have the opportunity to find a better way of utilizing it.


  • I have always believed that it is possible to do things we enjoy, fulfil us and give our lives meaning. 

  • I enjoy working with people who are truly interested in growing and uncovering their potential.

  • I enjoy meeting people who want to cross the boundaries of the conventional and familiar and are not afraid to do it.

  • I believe and I know that we can easily live our dream and share its reality with others.

What exactly do I do...?

I work with people on uncovering their potential, and I seek ways to put the things we learn into everyday practice. We do this by means of mentoring and coaching, during either personal sessions or group workshops.

We hold workshops here in this country and abroad – in Sri Lanka, Bali, Nepal and other destinations.

The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing methods of Dr. Eric Pearl are what moved me forward personally in life and allowed me to reach greater depths. I have been using this method for several years as a practitioner and as a mentor and instructor on an international educational team.

I write articles, books and blogs, and I lecture people who are interested in this topic and want to progress. I keep discovering new things for myself and share them with the people around me.

Actual events

Available for you

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Life Coaching session

Strategic Intervention Coaching is coaching school developed by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.

Im proud that Im part of this most advanced coaching school on the Planet. 

Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection

It is about a balance that we step in our most unique way. 

Discover on Distance RH Session

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