With a tiger in a cage - Supernatural

or how to create a life you truly love

How to discover a new direction in life, find out what is holding you back and learn to transform it within 3 days, even though you are not yet sure where you want to go in life.


A 3-day intensive workshop held from 17to19 April 2020 in Belgrade

  • we will discuss how we want to live our lives

  • we will discuss where we are right now in life and where we want to go in the future, so that the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years of our lives are different

  • we will discuss what is holding us back and weighing us down – why we don’t do these things, even though we know we should[GJE1] 

  • we will discusshow our brain works and how to free it from the cage of our old habits and convictions

  • we will discuss how to create differently – more simply

  • we will discuss how to connect to our potential – how to obtain many times the potential we are using now

  • how to calm down and how to actively use this calmness in our everyday reality – because being calm is just the beginning 

  • how our reality works and how to set new and functional goals

  • and much more... (including relationships, creativity, money and everything that is important to us on an everyday level)

  •  [GJE1]My understanding of what was meant.

AsDr. Eric Pearlsays:

"I believe that we are very lucky if we discover our true purpose in life. I also believe that we have more than luck, if we have enough courage to live this purpose."


And this is what the “With a tiger in a cage” transformation workshop is about!

Take your potential and everything you know about yourself and build “A life you love” from it!


A life that is exactly according to this principle.

Do you need to find a new direction in life and possibly a new purpose in life?

Learn how to get rid of stress and create pleasure in your life?

Change is something I personally love. I have devoted my entire life to setting new goals and applying them, particularly in my everyday reality.


My absolute focus on working with people is an enormous executive strength. The ability and strength to implement new things in our everyday lives.

I have extensive experience in coaching and mentoring.

I learn from the best and teach with the best.


Tony Robbins has been a massive influence on myself and how I work with people. He is one of the best coaches in the world; he has coached presidents, businessmen, sports and music celebrities and holds around 90 seminars for 10,000 – 30,000 people in many countries worldwide every year.

I am part of his annual programmes and coaching masterminds.


And I will make all these skills, verified by the most successful people on the planet, available to you during our programme and subsequent partnership.


I look forward to our active collaboration. 


Vladimír Ekart – programme author and primary leader


WE BEGIN ON17-19 April 2020. 

  • A 3-day intensive workshop from 17to19 April 2020 in Prague, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

  • The entire programme is very actively scheduled and uses current worldwide trends in personal training. I am convinced that you will enjoy it and experience the enormous benefits from working in such a similarly motivated group of like-minded people.

There are a limited number of places available.

What will you gain and how much does the programme cost, including active collaboration?

  •  3-day intensive workshop from 17to19 April 2020 in Belgrade

Price of the full programme: CZK 15,500

Price until 31 August 2019:                         (-54%)  CZK 7,200


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2020 Vladimir Ekart - author, leader, coach, mentor and Reconnetive Healing + Reconnection practitioner

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